We aim to HELP Aid Institutions

Who support Deserving-Needy Momins in India
-To faciltate recordkeeping/compliance
-build trust with donor and needy,
.... achieve Higher Aid delivery with ease

We support the Use of QaimAid.com Platform service

Provides Institutions; easy maintainence and secure controlled sharing of "Needy data" with Verifier or Donor
Stakeholders can use any device from anywhere at any time to enter/access data. Smart phone enabled, Facilitates Eligibility verification and Donor Appeals /Report to Donor.

  • Overall Application Process

    Platform and Process for Enhanced Aid delivery by Momin Institutions

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  • Student Registration

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Prominent Indian Aid Institutions

Alimaan Charitable Trust

Alimaan Charitable Trust came into existence in 1987 followed by Education Promotion Trust, Orphan Welfare Trust, Water Aid Foundation, etc. to streamline the activities.

WIN Educational Trust

The WIN Education Trust helps bright students who are unable to study due to financial constraints.

KSI Medical Aid & Welfare

Ksi Medical Society is the organisation, helping needies for Education, School Fees and other Welfare activities

Jaffery Foundation

Our Trust is engaged in various charitable activities for the up-liftment of the community for the last 36 years. Conducts various religious activities through India. The organization is a registered charity with the Charitable Commissioner of Mumbai.

Tanzeemul Makatib

Tanzeem ul Makatib is an organisation devoted to religious awareness among the Shiites in India for education based in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

Tauheedul Muslimeen Trust

Tauheedul Muslimeen Trust (TMT) was born as a link between those willing to learn but lacking the means to do so, and philanthropists eager to contribute towards positive change in the society.

International Organisations Supporting Momin Aid in India

Comfort Aid International

Comfort Aid International serves humanity by partnering with globally established charitable organizations to bring aid relief to those in need.


North America
NASIMCO’s mission is to harness talents and resources available in member communities for the greater good of global humanity and our communities.

WF Aid

World Federation are a faith-based organization, consisting of about 125,000 community members worldwide.

Lady Fatimah Trust

Starting with mothers, Lady Fatimah Trust empower whole communities in the world’s poorest places to transform their life chances. We work with local partnerships to improve physical and mental health, access fair education and create sustainable incomes.

Foundation of Light

Bring the change by Sponsoring a Student through The Foundation of Light

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